Complete Tree Care

Certified Arborist on Staff

CSLB #1000643

I.S.A Lic #WE12419A

Looking for a licensed Arborist? You’re in the right place.  With over 15 years of experience, our certified arborist can help manage your tree's needs.  Whether it's a pest, pathogen, nutrition, or trimming, we got you covered!


Arboricultural Services

Tree Health Is Our First Priority

Micro Trunk Injection

The most effective way of administering solution into your tree's vascular system.  Traditional methods pose risks such as overspray, runoff, and potential environmental damage.  Our micro trunk injection method eliminates all of these problems, by directly injecting the solution into your tree.


Deep Root Injection

Soil biology is often times the root of many problems.  Deep Root injections amend the tree's rhizome, enhancing its ability to absorb nutrients and retain water.



Our pruning practices align with I.S.A tree care standards.  Whether the pruning objective is for maintenance, risk prevention, or to enhance a view, Arbormend has you covered.

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